Specialist in CryptoNote

Specialized and highly reliable

Securely swap your cryptocurrencies with cryptonight algorithm Our specialized and high-tech exchange.

Proof of Solvency

Proof of Solvency (PoS) allows users to verify the solvency of the Cryptonote.Exchange based on cryptocurrency exchange without compromising user privacy

Enterprise Exchange

Cryptonote.Exchange enterprise exchanges features including a high-performance matching engine, scalable distributed worker threads, and Google 2-factor authentication.

KYC Verification

Cryptonote.Exchange KYC efficiently submits and exchanges KYC information to meet the banking supervisory standards and comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements.


Cryptonote.Exchange allows to create multiple accounts and trading in multiple currencies. Cryptonote.Exchange makes it is easy to trade different currencies.

Functional & Intuitive

Clean, user friendly registration and login interface. Personalized deposit and withdraw procedure and a built-in proof-of-solvency audit

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DCY/ETH0.000280.000280.00028+0.00%4343.17857142 DCY1.21609 ETH

About US

Cryptonote.Exchange is the first platform specialized in cryptocurrencies with cryptonight algorithm, created thanks to the expertise and knowledge of our expert team. The specialization of Cryptonote.Exchange is our most distinctive sign, as well as a symbol of our uniqueness.

Why choose us?

  • Highly specialized in Cryptonote

    Cryptonote.Exchange is designed to become the benchmark for Cryptonote users, ensuring high standards and quality service to our users.

  • Security System

    Our priority is to protect your funds and your personal information. Our security systems are under continual improvements, computer security controls and financial.

  • Matching-engine high performance

    Our high performance matching-engine allows you to perform a high number of transactions per second without compromising the stability of the platform.


Our Strengths

All the reasons to choose Cryptonote.Exchange

  • Security

    We use the most reliable and effective technologies to keep your investments safe and prevent The loss of liquidity (COLD and HOT Wallet, authentication Google two-factor)

  • Anonymity of Cryptonote

    We are specialized in the use of Cryptonote, Coins characterized by a completely anonymous payment system, ensuring the defense of your privacy in all transactions.

  • Speed

    Exchanges, deposits and transactions take place in a few moments, With the possibility to verify immediately the correct execution of the same.

  • Experience

    We are pioneers in proposing a secure and specialized platform in cryptonote, the result of the experience and expertise of our team in dealing with Criptovalute cryptonight.

Our cryptocurrencies

All available currencies on cryptonote.exchange

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